DIY Fridge Magnets

All of my posts so far have been about my struggle with mental illness, as this is a huge part of my life right now. But it’s not all of my life and I don’t want it to be what defines me or this blog. So this post is a little different.

I love doing DIYs, especially ones that decorate spaces, making them feel more homely and look more beautiful. Being creative makes me feel calm and happy. So much so, that when I was first moving out of home, the first thing I did was make fridge magnets for my fridge, because I was going to have my own fridge!

I love how they turned out and I get compliments on them all the time, so I thought I would show you guys how I made them.

To begin with I collected images I wanted to use. They were a combination of photos of friends and family, pictures I have taken on holiday, inspirational quotes and just pretty pictures from Instagram or Pinterest.

I inserted this into a word document and decided that I wanted my photos to be 5.7cm x 5.5cm in size. I cropped the images to rough squares and sized them to the correct size so that they were all the same.

In order for the images to be more cohesive, I made them black and white using the recolour tool in Microsoft word.

I then printed them and cut them out.

I decided to laminate them to save the images from wear and tear as well as make them look a little more clean and refined.

Before doing this however, I used gold sparkly washi tape, which I cut into thin strips, to create borders around some of the images. I did this on my favourite images – the ones I wanted to stand out.

After laminating them and cutting them out once again, it was time to attach the magnets.

You can buy magnets from a craft store, however, a free and just as effective option is to use fridge magnets that are used as advertising, the mat-like, business card kind of magnets. These are easy to cut into small pieces and lightweight to stick on the back of each of your images.

I used hot glue to stick the magnets to the images, however, you could use super glue, you will just have to wait until its completely dry until you can put them on your fridge.

And that’s it! It is super easy and customisable to your style! I love them so much, they are super inspirational and very pretty! And while I am not bored with them yet, if I do get bored, I can always make some more to swap them out with!



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